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Birthdate:Jun 7
I am first and foremost a horseperson -- the horses are my life. On our farm I live with my parents, because the horses are here, and I am trying to finish school and stuff -- but that is a MUCH longer post. I'll probably write about someday ;), we have three tennessee walking horses -- Joey, Juno and Beau, and one Arab - Shaughnessy. Shaughnessy (Shaughnsy or Shaughns for short) is my baby -- we've had her 6.5 years now, and she is lovely. She's the white horse in my user icons. The black horse in my icons is Joey, who is officially Dad's MY!! horse (now, she was my graduation gift), but who I have been riding and training and falling in love with. On the farm we also have sheep and lambs, a llama (Bruno), 2 Great Pyrenees Dogs (Tammy and Cassie) and one cat (Miss Mew).

I am also a PhD Candidate in English (with the University of Waterloo) trying desperately to write a dissertation on the discoursal and visual choices in Lonely Planet and Fodor's Guidebooks to the Dominican Republic. It is a source of much stress and will likely be whined about often in my LJ. Caveat Emptor.

Finally, I work a couple of days a week as a Communications Consultant.

Updated: October 31, 2004: Um, ya. This is all changing, now. I am doing a Masters instead of the PhD. And I am working, sort of, full time for the same company. Still as a communications consultant, for lack of a better title. My life is in a period of transition. :D. And my journal chronicles the scintillating mood swings that accompany these changes. Oh ya, and we have a filly now. JJ is 6,9.5 months 2 years(!) old as of April 21 2006 . and cute as a button! With attitude to spare, might I add. ;).

Updated: November 24, 2005: So, after some last minute panic, I finished my Masters in May this year. I now have a Masters in Language and Professional Writing to go with the Masters in English and the BA(hons) in English. I am overedumuckated and somewhat of a grammar geek - though I make mistakes all the time. I am still working for the same company, but it is a challenge some days. And the horses still rule the roost ;).

I'm getting a lot of spam these days, and fear the bots.... So, if you want to get me, comment and I'll let you know where to email me ;).
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