Oct. 27th, 2006 09:25 am
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So this morning, I looked out my window to see 4 mule deer meandering through our fields.

Then, when I headed down the driveway, a little one, likely born this spring, all fuzzy for winter with the CUTEST face and HUGEST MOST ADORABLE ears was standing looking under a roped off part of our fence (it will eventually have a gate, for now there are just two strands of rope). I noticed another more mature deer standing behind it in the field. The baby looked at me (I stopped, and was QUIET) for the longest time, all cute and thoughtful and sweet. Then it delicately stepped through the two ropes and went across the driveway in front of me, to the other field.

Where three more deer - another baby and two does -- were waiting. They ambled down the field, aware of me and my car, and ready to flee if they had to, but fairly relaxed as long as the car didn't make odd sounds. They eventually stopped and started to graze on a bush. Their friend on the other side of the driveway "hid" in the tress and waited for me to leave, so it could join his herd.

It was just lovely.

And those EARS!! And that nose. Baby deer seriously rival foals in cuteness!!

One of these fawns, by the way, was very probably the one born in that same field earlier this year. We are pretty blessed where we live. :D.
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So last night, when I got home, the propane truck was there to fill the tank that powers the stove. I was all *meep* because he was DAMNED close to the carport. Turns out he had already hit (and likely broken) the gatepost on the horses' paddock. *eyeroll*

This morning, I put Indy and Cassie in a newish field (with the lamb-ewes) for the day. Indy went in first, and Cassie was guarding the bone she has been savoring all week -- the bone that Indy WANTS. Cassie allowed me to put the bone in the field for her, and went in herself. She then went over to bury the bone in the loose dirt, barking at Indy if the usurper dared get too close. Indy watched her bury it.

I hear much barking and kerfuffle as Indy kept trying to sneak around after the bone. And even when Indy was NOT there, Cassie would stand there barking (unusual for her) telling the world this was HER bone and stay away. Whenever Cassie moved away, Indy would sneak around, and Cassie would go TEARING towardsd her barking the "GET OUT YOU LITTLE SNOT!" bark. At one point, I looked, and a very put-upon Cassie was sitting directly on top of the dirt pile where her bone was buried..... :D.

By the time I left for work, Indy was chewing on the bone....

And driving into work, when I was still coming down the hill from our house, I was rather surprised to see a cow grazing on someone's front lawn. Then I went another 1/2 km down the road (where the road up to our house joins with a forest service road, which provides access for logging, recreation and cattle grazing land. And there was a stock trailer parked on the side of the road. And two old style cowboys on their horses, pushing their small herd of cattle down the road ;D. I opened my window and hollered to them that they had one more up the road (I'm sure they knew, but I like to be neighborly!) and one guy hollered back "Ok thanks!" -- though he was clearly focused on what he was doing.

But I figured it was the perfect start to the day. Horses and cowboys, oh my!

But these cowboys were not NEARLY so GUH as the *SWOON* guy in the Rambo ad I linked to yesterday, sadly ;).


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