Oct. 27th, 2006 09:25 am
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So this morning, I looked out my window to see 4 mule deer meandering through our fields.

Then, when I headed down the driveway, a little one, likely born this spring, all fuzzy for winter with the CUTEST face and HUGEST MOST ADORABLE ears was standing looking under a roped off part of our fence (it will eventually have a gate, for now there are just two strands of rope). I noticed another more mature deer standing behind it in the field. The baby looked at me (I stopped, and was QUIET) for the longest time, all cute and thoughtful and sweet. Then it delicately stepped through the two ropes and went across the driveway in front of me, to the other field.

Where three more deer - another baby and two does -- were waiting. They ambled down the field, aware of me and my car, and ready to flee if they had to, but fairly relaxed as long as the car didn't make odd sounds. They eventually stopped and started to graze on a bush. Their friend on the other side of the driveway "hid" in the tress and waited for me to leave, so it could join his herd.

It was just lovely.

And those EARS!! And that nose. Baby deer seriously rival foals in cuteness!!

One of these fawns, by the way, was very probably the one born in that same field earlier this year. We are pretty blessed where we live. :D.
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So, I just went out the front door to grab something from my car.

And a FROG landed on my head.

Every year around this time, a tree frog takes up residence at the front door (I think it must be cool. And there are plants and a water source because the front door has a patio off it. and flower beds and planeters and stuff). And every year, it lands on people. Usually more than once. Causing untold tests to the heart efficiency of members of my family.

And no doubt to the frog, too
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There are MAJOR wind gusts and ominous looking clouds outside. I do hope all is well at home - the horses will NOT approve, and no one answered the phone....

20 more minutes of work....

ETA: chance of a THUNDER SHOWER???!!


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