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So tonight, little Miss JJ was in the back paddock area near the pipe pen stalls to have her evening grain. When she was done, I asked her to leave the stall, which she did. and then she promptly walked to the back of the paddock area by another stall. It was exactly the opposite direction from the gate I was asking her to go through.

So I took a longe whip with a long lash, and used the lash like a lead shank around her neck to invite her to the gate. We do this routinely.

Tonight she repeatedely said NO! don't WANNA! with very rude ears and looks, and with showing me the ends of her that should not be pointed my direction. For a few mins I just quietly worked with her. But she was clear: she did NOT want to leave. She wanted to stay in HER ROOM! (she often spends the night there with extra hay and nice clean shavings to sleep in. But with the weather so cold, she's been spending the nights out with everyone else, because the water trough has a deicer in it - her buckets in the back would freeze quickly).

So, I figured rather than having a big fight, she could stay. I carefully secured all three stalls so she couldn't go in, and I got her a couple of buckets of water. There was no special treats. She could stay, but it wasn't going to be the taj mahal tonight! ;).

And i went to aikido (which was great! I even managed to enjoy a class of only teenagers and the instructor!!). When I got home, I noticed the JJ was asking very politely, but also VERY CLEARLY to please be let out.

Which was when I realized I couldn't see any other horses -- I'd forgotten to shut the gate, and they had all decided to head out and help themselves to more hay. Poor JJ couldn't join them!! ;)

I brought the others in, locked the gate, and let the more than ready to leave JJ out. She apologized PROFUSELY for her earlier fit of pique and was deeply disappointed she too couldn't go out in the field....

I think the lesson was learned!!

ETA: Hey, [ profile] dancinghorse -- what did Oreo think of his blanky?! and are you frozen yet?
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A beautiful soaking rain today, which will green things up nicely and which I can't complain about: it is still mild and in a semi-arid climate, one should never ever complain about rain.

And 2 years ago today, I woke up to a mare squirting milk all over her legs. I fed her, because Mom had a broken arm. And we mused that the baby JJ (she already had a name, even though we didn't know her sex - I'd been calling her Juno Junior in utero for months, and when we were discussing possible barn names, Dad suggested JJ ;) would likely make an appearance soon. That night, I checked Juno at 8:45 PM, and made sure she was comfortable in her sheltered 12x24' pipe pen foaling stall. All was calm, so I went over to my neighbor D's place to watch The West Wing, as was a weekly habit. After the show ended, D and I were talking about Juno and the squirting milk and he was saying that it didn't necessarily mean she would deliver soon.

At which point, I glanced out the window to see Dad RUNNING over -- I said to D "FOAL!" and I jammed my feet into my boots (I'm sure I didn't tie them). I don't remember the trip back through the gates to the barn -- I think I must have teleported. I DO remember arriving to see the last of baby JJ pushed out of the womb.

Apparently at 10PM, Mom checked the close circuit camera to Juno's stall, and Juno was lying on her side, stiff as a board - Mom thought she was dead, yelled "problem at the barn!" to Dad and they raced out. After realizing Juno was ok - just in the final stages of labor, Dad came running to get me, as they knew how important being there was.

And so, JJ arrived, and Juno loved her and licked her, and I imprinted her, and Shaughnessy (in the stall next door) was jealous and bopped me on the head as I walked past and let herself out of her stall to see better. And then Juno wouldn't allow JJ to nurse, even though JJ was feisty and strong and kept trying, and a long night ensued, culminating in a vet visit and tranqs and pain meds because Juno had Too. Much. Milk. for comfort. And JJ got colostrom, and by the end of the day, Juno was allowing her to nurse. And so arrived Juno's Grand Legacy, my sweetie!

Happy Birthday, JJ!!
baby picture! )


Mar. 22nd, 2006 01:20 pm
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I promised Roly, so:
hot of the presses! )

Ok, food for me now ;). And laundry. And work ;).


Mar. 22nd, 2006 11:53 am
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Gigantic JJ and Sleepy Shaughns and brand new lambs! )

Ok, out to check on the little boy born this morning, to make sure he is getting FOOD! And to make sure there are no new lambs on the ground. I love this time of year. It is crazy busy, but So. Much. Fun. ;).


Feb. 16th, 2006 11:15 am
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You have all irreparably affected me. I just wrote the following in an IM to my BOSS:

"you've got some time to think about Big!Fun! project." *shame*

Also, I delivered a last minute project on time, and it was done well and with panache and style. And I didn't get all stressed about it. Go. team. me!

Dad's surgery has been confirmed for tomorrow morning, first thing. He has to be at the hospital at 6AM. It's nice to be moving ahead (I think - it's also scary) and this delay has been good, as we are all a little more ready. The first date scheduled was So. Fast. With the delays, we've all had some time to get used to the idea and to get stuff in order. And Dad has had some time to rest and build his health. But now it's time, as he is uncomfortable A LOT of the time. It's major surgery, but hopefully all will go well (he's got a GREAT medical team!) and he wil get some real relief and health back when he recovers. I just need to keep reminding myself that he's a fighter!

and JJ was all sweet and gave me lovely snuggles before work this morning. I left early, because I needed to get Rush!Project! done, and it was dawn. The morning star (Venus, isn't it actually?) hung in the East in a beautiful indigo sky, and the waning moon hung in the west, and JJ gave me snuffles and blows.

And driving in 6 (!) deer went across the road in front of me and ran up the hill. It was beautiful. I am so blessed to live here.


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