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Run walk! True, honest to God four beat, elevation up front, head nodding from the poll, back engaged, teeth clicking RUN WALK.

Only four or five strides because then I thought "OMG YES!" and it was gone ;) BUT WOW!


(And then we got off to rescue the pulled wool seat cover from Indy).

8 days in a row of riding =me in HEAVEN. and my GOD that horse!!

My Joy

Dec. 1st, 2006 03:07 pm
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Joy was all kinds of awesome for the farrier!!

I was SO. DAMN. PROUD. and she was terribly sweet, too. Joy used to be SUCH a trauma to shoe. And now look :D.
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When Mom saw me this morning, the first words out of her mouth were: "It must be your birthday. Nothing else could bring such a smile to your face. Except maybe a boy."

I *LOVE* my mom.

The smile only got bigger when I saw the bevy of birthday wishes here - thank you ALL!

So far the day has been lovely! It is sunny and warm for the first time in YEARS on my birthday. And I didn't have to rush into work and I had a leisurely shower and painted my toenails (a bronze tone - lovely!) and I am wearing my FAVORITE sparkly horse shirt that my sister gave me. And I had yummy coffee and a sticky bun for breakfast.

And though the horses were where they didn't belong (the gate wasn't double safety latched and they let themselves in near the barn) they were great about going out. And I got horse time and Indy smooches before work, and I plan a short day here. And sushi, or maybe a salad roll, for lunch!

And I am going to get my hair coloured later, I think. And I'll see Cara Lee. And I shall ride in the sunshine, and we are going to have a spaghetti feed for supper. And there have been puppy smooches and will be more and our neighbors found their awol puppy (thank GOODNESS!) and life, it is good!

AND, last night, I rode Joy for the first time since the clinic. It was in the round pen (giving us both our comfort zone) and it was WONDERFUL. We still have our issues, of course, but I found a happy stirrup length medium for now, and when I was itching the nasty mosquito bite sweet joy TOTALLY offered to itch it for me if that would help. *sweetie* And, stuff I learned at the clinic was totally helping. So YAY!

This year is starting out right. Any day I can wake with a smile on my face and keep it there for hours is good by me!

Thanks, you all!

ETA, for posterity, horoscope!
From Georgia Nicols
If Your Birthday Is Today
Actor Liam Neeson (1952) shares your birthday. You're very entertaining and charming. People love being in your company. IN part this is because you know how to please them. You always have your finger on the pulse of the public. You understand trends and society. You're earthy and sensuous. (And sometimes shocking.) You're very loyal to loved ones. In the year ahead, an important choice will arise. Choose wisely.

Hmmm. a choice, eh? INNNNNNNNNNTERRRESTInNG. VERRRRRRRRRRRRY INTERESTING. / silly fake eastern european accent. :D.
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Friday night, Mom and I went for a lovely little ride on Shaughnessy and Beau. When we got back, we were starting the stall brigade, because it looked like it may well rain, and the run in shelter doesn't hold everyone. Our "stalls" are 12X12' metal pipe pens - 3 under the shelter behind the barn, and 2 (one as the run in shelter, one as a stall) with an integrated roofing system -- we covered ours with tin roofing.

We put JJ in her stall adjoining the run in shelter to start, because right now our fences are 'in process' and horses need to be haltered to access the other three stalls. Joy was in the run in shelter next to JJ. I was leading Shaughns around to her stall. I happened to look at the right moment. Clearly, JJ was saying SOMETHING to Joy. Who got Very. Mad. And ears back, charged at JJ. Then Joy spun around and kicked at JJ. WHACKING the lower part of her back right leg on the pipe pen. She immediately pulled up three legged.

Momma raithen took 1/2 a second to take a deep breath and way lay the panic, dropped the trusty Shaughns to eat grass and RACED to Joy. Who, three legged, was still making nasty faces at and charging JJ (who kept taunting Joy. Oy.).

I, of course, am having visions of broken limbs and euthanasia and can barely breathe. but I get her calmed down (and me) and haltered. She starts to weight bear, I start to be more relieved. Cold hosed her, and she seemed to be going sound as I led her to the stall.

And thank god, that was it. No other repercussions. But dear me that was terrifying. I spent a BIG chunk of the weekend a little bit scared of how this horse may someday break my heart. Which, of course, in the after math of the panic, Mom made sure to reinforce. Mom, bless her, comes from the school of be prepared for the worst so that you can better deal with it when it inevitably happens. Here pragmatism can, at times, be at odds with my occasionally (well, often?) worry-wart anticipating the worst side. I deal ok when stuff happens, as it turns out. But I can worry INCESSANTLY about the prospect of problems. So I try to be prepared and preventative, but not to talk about them or dwell on them. Because a throw away comment like "you know, with this horse, if she ever DOES break a leg doing something stupid you'll just have to get another horse and move on" can leave me worrying for DAYS. *sigh*

chances are though, even without the comment, the incident would have had me worrying. And Mom is, of course, right. I just wish Joy was a little less strong in her reactions. *sigh*

But she is ok, and that is what matters. ANd my heart is stronger for the incident, I suspect.....
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I sent yesterday's LJ post on horse boots to my riding instructor, who is in Calgary but still pretty amazing. Here is her reply:
to shoe or not to shoe )

We think we are gonna stick with the status quo and go with steel shoes all around for Miss Joy. Now, to work ;). It's Friday!(or near enough as damn is to swearing ;). and I have physio at lunch.

Noodle says BAAAAAAA! to everyone, and promises photos on the haybales* this weekend ;).

*we have been letting la famille Noodle play in the main area of the barn, and she and Johnny (her bro, named for the neighbor who helped deliver Noodle) have decided their new favorite place is up on the hay bales. They bounce over to them, and then go up up up! :D. It is SO. Cute.
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This post will primarily interest those of you who share my horse geekery-ness, so I'll use the lj-cut ;)

Debating the merits of horseboots )


Jan. 18th, 2006 02:07 pm
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Words from Tom Dorrance that I need to remember when I am working with Joy (and every other horse I work with):

It seems to go in pieces. That's how it seems to go even for a horse. There's "time" in there; it's just as well not to crowd the horse if he isn't ready for it. You keep offering, trying to help as much as you can, without troubling him too much about it. Then, there will be a day when it will just clear right up. - Tom Dorrance (from his website)


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