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the article is a few years old. But GAH!

Male Vets in Short Supply

Young, bright, and predominantly urban women are taking over the veterinary world. They make up almost 80% of the students at Canada's four veterinary colleges, a huge change from 25 years ago.

Women make excellent vets, but they tend to like their patients "small, warm and fuzzy," says Dr. Otto Radostits, professor emeritus at the University of Saskatchewan.

um, he obviously has not met the women vets I know. Or for that matter, many of the women I know....
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From the CBC

Canada's only other gold medallist of the day was mountain biker Marie-Helene Premont, who overcame the sweltering heat and a wayward kangaroo to win her race.

Premont, from Quebec City, dominated the 11-competitor field in the 40-kilometre race at State Mountain Bike Park of Victoria.

She won in a time of one hour, 55 minutes and four seconds, 1:27 up on New Zealand's Rosara Joseph. Kiara Bisaro of Courtenay, B.C., was 2:55 off the pace to take the bronze.

"I was surprised to see a kangaroo run in front of me, I was smiling, [but] after that I was a little bit insecure, but it's OK," said Premont. "I hope [someone] got a good picture of it."
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People Suck:

Animal shelters seeing influx of cats

Meanwhile, fear of family pets picking up the virus from eating wild birds has led to a flood of abandoned cats in France as people act on what experts are describing as an "avian flu psychosis."

Gino Bardet, the manager of a shelter in Brignais, near Lyon, says 50 cats were abandoned in the past two days, more than twice the usual number.

"People have to stop bringing their cats to shelters because shelters are already overcrowded," he told CBC News. "And also, people have to come adopt cats as soon as possible."



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