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Ok, I apologize for ever laughing....


After (elapsed time, approx 5mins):

The Culprit:

In the immortal words of [ profile] meeby, she's lucky she's cute....

[ profile] lostvoice

Feb. 15th, 2007 11:48 am
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A Pyr is at the SPCA in Newmarket!

Talon and Houdini and TheRoomie say they would LUBB her!
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So last night, when I got home, the propane truck was there to fill the tank that powers the stove. I was all *meep* because he was DAMNED close to the carport. Turns out he had already hit (and likely broken) the gatepost on the horses' paddock. *eyeroll*

This morning, I put Indy and Cassie in a newish field (with the lamb-ewes) for the day. Indy went in first, and Cassie was guarding the bone she has been savoring all week -- the bone that Indy WANTS. Cassie allowed me to put the bone in the field for her, and went in herself. She then went over to bury the bone in the loose dirt, barking at Indy if the usurper dared get too close. Indy watched her bury it.

I hear much barking and kerfuffle as Indy kept trying to sneak around after the bone. And even when Indy was NOT there, Cassie would stand there barking (unusual for her) telling the world this was HER bone and stay away. Whenever Cassie moved away, Indy would sneak around, and Cassie would go TEARING towardsd her barking the "GET OUT YOU LITTLE SNOT!" bark. At one point, I looked, and a very put-upon Cassie was sitting directly on top of the dirt pile where her bone was buried..... :D.

By the time I left for work, Indy was chewing on the bone....

And driving into work, when I was still coming down the hill from our house, I was rather surprised to see a cow grazing on someone's front lawn. Then I went another 1/2 km down the road (where the road up to our house joins with a forest service road, which provides access for logging, recreation and cattle grazing land. And there was a stock trailer parked on the side of the road. And two old style cowboys on their horses, pushing their small herd of cattle down the road ;D. I opened my window and hollered to them that they had one more up the road (I'm sure they knew, but I like to be neighborly!) and one guy hollered back "Ok thanks!" -- though he was clearly focused on what he was doing.

But I figured it was the perfect start to the day. Horses and cowboys, oh my!

But these cowboys were not NEARLY so GUH as the *SWOON* guy in the Rambo ad I linked to yesterday, sadly ;).
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Puppy Therapy - Vol. 1 )

{{{HUGS}}} sweetie!!
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So, the friends that were here a couple of weeks ago have posted their photos.

And so, I share with you: Indy the Sunbathing Ham ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Indy REALLY likes carbonated spring water.

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In solidarity with [ profile] meeby, who has recently joined the ranks of the "damn, I thought this room was puppy proof!" I shall tell another fun Indie story, from a couple of days ago.

We have purchased baby gates to put across the doorways to the kitchen and family room. Indie mostly was staying in, but the baby gates were cheap insurance. And we try (for reasons that my earlier post should make obvious) to always have someone within ear/eyeshot of her when she IS in the house. And all is reasonably well.

We have also had a mice problem in Mom and Dad's room, and Dad found a dead mouse in a trap in his sock drawer. And, being a man, rather than just dealing with it, he called mom, and held it up, and said "I found a dead mouse." (Mom, of course, advised that he deal with it and thoughtfully handed him a plastic bag. Of course, being Dad, he couldn't get the trap to release the carcass, so *I* got the job. *eyeroll*).

While saying this, he was standing in the hallway, just down from one of the baby-gates. Indie could not STAND it. She could SMELL the mouse. She wanted to SEE it. So, from a standstill, she levitated OVER the baby-gate.

Un.Be.Leivable. We have the flying dog on stilts ;).


Jul. 11th, 2006 09:47 am
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last night, I was doing last minute prep on my supper before aikido. Mlle Indie puppy was in the kitchen. I left for a second, but Mom was still in the kitchen. I hear *crash* -- Mom says Indie (who is TALL) has jumped up, try to reach my chicken, and knocked the margarine off the counter ;).

Then, a couple of mins later, I am back. Doing something at the sink. Look, as puppy very quietly jumps up, puts her front feet on the counter and starts to try and lick up my chicken (cut up for chicken salad). She was so quiet and cool about it. Had NO sense it was wrong. I asked her to off, then growled in her face (gently, just enough so she knew it was inappropiate to eat of the counters ;).

While mom went into the other room and laughed her ass off. I too laughed, once I was done being the stern one.

Apparently, she was hungry, as she just TUCKED into her food when Mom fed her right after I left. And she figured she'd help herself!

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On Easter Sunday, we had a colleague of Dad's join us for dinner with his wife and teenaged step-daughter. They recently moved to Canada from Sweden, and M (the daughter) has been having a challenging time adjusting. It's been a BIG move for all of them.

One of the things we did that day was to go over to our neighbors to see their 4 or 5 week old puppies (Kuvasz Retriever Cross - an unplanned litter). As it turned out, before we left, our Swedish friends had been chosen by a puppy. They came to pick PimPim (as he was dubbed, after S's favorite swedish candy, I believe) up while I was at the clinic, and brough him over to meet Indy. They got on famously, and there are pictures.

Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure (Indy has grown SO. MUCH. since then! I must take new pics!).

Indy and PimPim )
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When Mom saw me this morning, the first words out of her mouth were: "It must be your birthday. Nothing else could bring such a smile to your face. Except maybe a boy."

I *LOVE* my mom.

The smile only got bigger when I saw the bevy of birthday wishes here - thank you ALL!

So far the day has been lovely! It is sunny and warm for the first time in YEARS on my birthday. And I didn't have to rush into work and I had a leisurely shower and painted my toenails (a bronze tone - lovely!) and I am wearing my FAVORITE sparkly horse shirt that my sister gave me. And I had yummy coffee and a sticky bun for breakfast.

And though the horses were where they didn't belong (the gate wasn't double safety latched and they let themselves in near the barn) they were great about going out. And I got horse time and Indy smooches before work, and I plan a short day here. And sushi, or maybe a salad roll, for lunch!

And I am going to get my hair coloured later, I think. And I'll see Cara Lee. And I shall ride in the sunshine, and we are going to have a spaghetti feed for supper. And there have been puppy smooches and will be more and our neighbors found their awol puppy (thank GOODNESS!) and life, it is good!

AND, last night, I rode Joy for the first time since the clinic. It was in the round pen (giving us both our comfort zone) and it was WONDERFUL. We still have our issues, of course, but I found a happy stirrup length medium for now, and when I was itching the nasty mosquito bite sweet joy TOTALLY offered to itch it for me if that would help. *sweetie* And, stuff I learned at the clinic was totally helping. So YAY!

This year is starting out right. Any day I can wake with a smile on my face and keep it there for hours is good by me!

Thanks, you all!

ETA, for posterity, horoscope!
From Georgia Nicols
If Your Birthday Is Today
Actor Liam Neeson (1952) shares your birthday. You're very entertaining and charming. People love being in your company. IN part this is because you know how to please them. You always have your finger on the pulse of the public. You understand trends and society. You're earthy and sensuous. (And sometimes shocking.) You're very loyal to loved ones. In the year ahead, an important choice will arise. Choose wisely.

Hmmm. a choice, eh? INNNNNNNNNNTERRRESTInNG. VERRRRRRRRRRRRY INTERESTING. / silly fake eastern european accent. :D.
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So, y'all were no help - so it's a good thing we'd already decided! And, as you can probably tell by the icon, Puppy #2 shall be our girl!

The votes were 3 for Puppy 1 (the smoochiness was, indeed, Damn. CUTE! UNFAIRLY cute, we all thought), 3 for Puppy 2 (those markings were AWFULLY appealing!) and 1 for ALL! Though Roly also wanted them both, and archaica guessed our choice.

In the words of the breeder (who also placed her as her first choice, though didn't tell us that till later ;), she is just "exquisite."

She arrives Tuesday afternoon. *SQUEE*

a fun test

May. 5th, 2006 01:13 pm
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So, our breeder picked two potential show quality bitches from Gypsy's litter. They are Miss Puppy's sisters, and one of them is going to be our puppy. We have selected the dog (unanimous agreement from breeder, Mom, Dad and Me.)

But I have decided that you all need to go through the same paroxysms of cute! and Which ONE?! that we did.

So, here are the two puppies. Which one did we choose?

puppy #1 )

puppy #2 )

The answer will be posted after 3PM PDT. ;).


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