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The squee heard round the world (or at least in Arizona.)

First off, at lunch, I went to Chapters. where I bought Shattered Dance by our very own [ profile] dancinghorse -- the Final book in a WONDERFUL trilogy (even if the second one WAS a middle ;P) about fat white ponies who dance ;) And war. And changing times. And stuff. There might be some romance, too. Trust me, this is worth the read!

When I went to Chapters, the book, which had only JUST been released, was NOT on the shelf, but the computer said they had 5 copies. So I found a clerk, a lovely woman who turns out to be a retired librarian. She looked it up on the computer, saw it only arrived on the 19th and figured it would be on a cart somewhere. And she helped me find it. And was rather bemused by my barely contained excitement! (I LOVE my inner child, and since she rarely visits anymore, well....;). And then she put the rest of the copies on the shelf where they BELONG!

And then, second off, I come back after lunch and follow [ profile] lostvoice's link to Where I try one of my random "wonder if this is out on DVD yet?" searches. To find out that YES! The first season of McLeod's Daughters (a GREAT aussie tv show -- strong women, cute men, and HORSES! what more could a girl want?) is coming out -- FINALLY on Region 1 DVD. YAY! YAY! YAY! It's in the preorder stage but *SQUEE*.

And with that, I return you to your regular programming. And hand out ear plugs for those who find the squeeage a bit loud!


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