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So, I am headed back to Calgary this weekend to work on the Sooper Seekrit Horsey Project.

And I need to take my saddle. I am flying.

Do any of you have any experience/suggestions for packing a dressage saddle for a flight?
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I have promised [ profile] kerlin a post about Spruce Meadows last weekend. I haven't made it yet.

So, to provide a place holder, I will provide a link. Because one of my first actions at Spruce Meadows, under the guidance of the lovely Dianne, was to purchase the most WONDERFUL shirt, from a company called Miss Filly

From their website:
Miss Filly Manifesto

We believe that horses transform mind, body + spirit. Miss Filly donates a portion of our sales to support girls and women through initiatives with horses. Joy, freedom, grace, trust and confidence are special gifts from horses that help us realize our dreams.

At Miss Filly, our passion is horses.

Central to the Miss Filly Manifesto is the belief that horses transform mind, body and spirit. ‘Fillyanthropy’ and supporting our community is a key raison d’etre of the business. As a result, Miss Filly donates a portion of its sales to support girls and women through initiatives with horses in our community.

As you might guess, this is a company I could get behind. The owner ran the booth at Spruce Meadows (which really? Is like the horsey shoppers wet dream. [ profile] foalstory, you'd think you'd died and gone to heaven -- with an exchange benefit and EVERYTHING!;), and she was VERY. VERY. Cool.

For myself, I bought this shirt - called Miss Trinity which I love for its fit (as I was leaving the bathroom with it on, having gone to use the mirror there to confirm I liked it, a woman said to me "nice figure!" -- in that instant, the shirt was SOLD ;) and for it's "mind, body, spirit" message. and for the fillies, of course! And the shirt was EXCELLENT to have when a CHILLY storm blew in later that day (During our TWH part of the Showtime breed demos, of course! Go Bill for keeping a reasonably green 7 year old gelding from blowing up in SCARY wind and blowing banners and rain and people running out of the stands!). I LOVE that shirt. the quality is AMAZING (American apparel makes the shirts).

And on Sunday, I took [ profile] electricland to the booth, knowing full well she'd choose something to buy. And she did. And I swooped in and paid for it, as her birthday present (I'm not gonna be late this year! YAY! ). She selected Miss Sheridan which is understated and elegant and suitable for urban wear, while being unmistakeable Filly at the same time! And which makes Ell look quite stunning, to boot! (speaking of which, you MUST see Miss Bootylicious shown in the baby style because OMGSOCUTE! :).

So ya, check out their site. View the catalogue. Dream! Even buy stuff! You won't regret it!


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