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[ profile] casacorona was talking about Christmas Tree traditions in her journal, and I once again was reminiscing about the snoopy ornaments. I've mentionned them here before. I'm gonna do so again.

Here is what I said over there:

we have SNOOPIES! ;)

my parent's neighbors at our first house, shortly after I was born, were a DEAR DEAR couple who's only son was grown and gone, and whose grandkids did not live in town. My grandparents were not in town.

Mom and Auntie May were true kindred spirits.

They became Auntie May and Uncle Judd to my sister and I, and we stayed close even after we moved houses. They were like surrogate grandparents, and they were just AWESOME. I LOVED going to lunch there. They had an old style "lunch room" and Auntie May served Tomato SOup with noodles in it, and we could put BUTTER in the soup (oh the decadence) and there were always grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it. YUM!

Anyway, back on topic. ;). (Now that I am HUNGRY!). One year, when I was quite little, Auntie May and Uncle Judd gave my sister and I a set of Skiing Snoopy Christmas ornaments. We LOVED them then, and they are still my favorite ornaments today. Putting them on the tree fills me with silly silly joy (plus, the snoopies, they are just Troublemakers!).

You can see one of them in this photo. Please ignore the other goofball ;).
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